Wealth belongs to ones

who worship the moon

Wicca enhance yields with stable coin using interest-bearing tokens as collateral.

Why Wicca ?

The capital efficiency SPELL is now more efficient!. Wicca summons Wicked Internet Wealth (WIW) a stablecoin providing more liquidity to DeFi. Plus a gamified revenue sharing via "Wicca Wizard Bunny" (WWB) NFT


  • No costly eth gas fee

  • No bridge fee

  • Less txn overhead

  • Efficient

  • No waiting time cross chain

  • Optimized your Interest-bearing token yield

  • Accessible

  • Bringing the wealth magic closer to LUNAtics

  • Cheaper, fairer: everyone could participate

  • Secured

  • Natively run on terra ecosystem

  • No cross-chain risk

  • How it works

    aUST - Anchor Our first Grimoire strategy

    Step 1

    Spiritual Awakening

    Deposit UST/aUST

    Step 2

    Cast Incendio

    Mint WIW Token from your collateral

    Step 3

    Cast Aguamenti

    Exchange WIW <> UST

    Step 4

    Cast Tornado

    Rerun Step 2 & 3 until your magic is run-out

    Step 5

    Boost your Anchor wealth

    Grimoire has given you the wealth you deserved


    Phase 1  

    Mar-April 2022

    Calling for the first

    Wizards of the council.

    Phase Phase 2  

    2nd Quarter 2022

    The first

    Grimoire of Wicca

    Phase 3  

    Boosting magical power

    Phase Phase 4  

    Wicca goes

    multiverse - metaverse

    And many more..

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